Pineapple Flight

One of our favorite offerings at Pineapple Life is our series of Pineapple Flight classes, also known as Aerial Yoga. This class, in a non-heated room, was designed for all levels. Rest assured that our aerial silks have been tested to accommodate up to 1,000 pounds (not that they need to). Register early for these classes as they fill quickly!

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Come fly with us!

Aerial Yoga offers a multitude of benefits to the body. Providing the opportunity for deeper stretches, longer inversions as well as an amazing way to attempt and practice hand stands, our Pineapple Flight classes have become one of our most popular yoga programs. Aerial yoga provides so many benefits to the body including (but not limited to) detoxification, improved flexibility, stress relief, back pressure relief, anti-aging and improved focus and memory.

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Pineapple Flight

This beautiful class will help you to deepen your yoga practice in a playful, freeing way while you strengthen, deeply stretch, tone and energize. Give it a try, most likely you will become hooked on flying! All levels welcome. Bring mat and water and no jewelry please.

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Chill Flight

This evening class combines four wonderful elements into one deeply relaxing class that will have you slipping into your evening slumber feeling dreamy and calm. Using aerial silks, candlelight, yoga and meditation will almost guarantee one of the best sleeps you've ever had and who couldn't use that? All levels appropriate. Practiced in room temperature. Please bring a yoga mat or one is available to rent.