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New Year New Beginnings Challenge - January 2019!

Back by popular demand and just in time to get you back into a healthy post-holiday routine to start your 2019 off right, don't miss out on joining our New Year New Beginnings Challenge. Similar to our last Challenge, we'll have a series of classes that Challengers will need to hit to become eligible for that week's prizes. This time we'll throw out a few "bonus challenge" surprises throughout the month just for our participants.  At the end of week 5 (that's right…January 2019 has 5 weeks) you'll feel lighter, tighter, motivated and invigorated…and if you've hit EVERY class, you'll be eligible for a FREE 3 MONTH UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP. Challenge begins Wednesday, January 2nd and goes through Thursday, January 31st. Prizes announced each Sunday. Grand Prize announced Friday, February 1st.

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Holiday Mom and Daughter Event with Cristin & Caroline

Saturday, Dec 15th, 3-5pm

Members: $50; Guests: $60

Pineapple Life is hosting a mother and daughter holiday event! We're offering a combo of an aerial yoga class and barre class, and then crafts for daughters and shopping and bubbly for moms. Enjoy the holiday season with your girls at Pineapple Life!

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Empower Your Purpose Workshop with Piper

Sunday, Dec 16th, 1-4pm


Unlock your potential in this dynamic workshop designed to wash away limiting beliefs and EMPOWER YOUR PURPOSE! Create clear intentions and remove obstacles by harnessing your power through a series of activities. Enjoy a vibrational energy and affirmation workshop, guided meditation, raise your vibrations through chanting and flow through a series of focused movement with meaning. Join us and open yourself to the possibilities of fulfilling your purpose! This is the PERFECT way to close out 2018 and start your new year with PURPOSE!

Full Moon Rejuvenating Flow with Christina

Saturday, Dec 22nd, 1:30-3pm



Join Christina Stembler during our last Full Moon of 2018 for a yoga flow full of release and gratitude. Full Moon is our time to celebrate our accomplishments, release blockages on our path of growth and give gratitude for gifts bestowed upon us from the universe. In this 90 minute class, we will be embracing the healing and love that Mother Moon gives us, as well as celebrating her by moving in a beautiful flow of releasing and rejuvenating yoga postures, filling the cosmos with words of gratitude by transferring them from mind to parchment and concluding with a guided meditation written by Christina and a Touch of Energy Work to fill you with love.


Magic Map to Manifesting with Cheryl

Tuesday, Jan 1st, 1:30-3pm


New Years Goal Mapping with Yoga Nidra Meditation Workshop: 5-Step Goal Mapping Process includes Goal Mapping Template. Bring your favorite journal and pen. Goal Mapping is a unique whole-brain system designed to connect your consciously chosen goals to your subconscious mind. Combine this 5-step goal setting process with the powerful practice of Yoga Nidra Meditation to plant the seeds of real lasting change!

Create your own personal Goal Map in a relaxed environment!