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Yoga is a way to honor your true nature and divine self. Every time we practice yoga, we feel a vibrational internal shift and become more in tune with our utmost potential. At the heart of how we try to live life, yoga is about the journey and never the destination. It is personal, never competitive. It is about finding your center, your breath and an energy within…not to mention a super sweaty, killer workout. Creating a beautiful, sacred space for our yoga fans was at the heart of our dreams for Pineapple Life.

Power: Exciting and Energizing - Our Power Class will use Vinyasa Sequences (Often based on Sun Salutations) and encourage you to use your breath as you flow through poses. It is especially sequenced to work the entire body, building strength and flexibility, all while calming the mind and expanding the spirit. Practiced with heat to 100 degrees and Upbeat Music.

Hatha: Hatha is an intelligently designed yoga sequence that targets the entire body working all muscles, organs, glands, bones, joints - You name it! Often based on a traditional sequence of 26 postures and two breathing exercises. Most classes will spend the first half of the class in standing postures and the second on the floor with still space between the poses. Increase concentration and decrease stress all while detoxifying, energizing and centering. All levels welcome. Practiced in 105 degrees

Sculpt: Total body workout! Engage each large muscle group by combining plyometrics and yoga in a calorie-burning, cardio-interval, light-weight lifting class, that will sculpt your entire body. Practiced in a slightly warm room with infrared heat only as needed. All levels welcome.

Hiit: High Intensity Interval Training - H.I.I.T. is a high-energy, fun and active class that offers a full body workout. Alternate short periods of intense exercise with short recovery periods in between. Upbeat and Fun, you won’t need any heat in this class because you will create your own!

Fusion: This all levels heated class is a motivating mix of Hatha and Power combined to enlighten and elevate your practice. Sprinkled with a little bit of magic alongside our soothing salt wall lights, you will leave this class uplifted and bursting with positive pineapple energy.

Yoga Reiki: A soothing practice where yoga poses are held a bit longer and two ancient traditions of yoga asana (poses) and Reiki (Hands On Energy Work) unite. This class will reduce stress while promoting healing and wellness. All levels Welcome

Yin: In this NON Heated class, poses are held a little longer allowing for the release of connective tissues while increasing joint mobility. All Levels Welcome

Chill: The Perfect way to end Any day, by Candlelight in a warm room with calmly guided flow through poses. You will leave feeling centered in your mind and an overall calmness throughout your being. Often with brief guided meditations, you will be as chill as possible. All levels Welcome!

One of our favorite offerings at Pineapple Life is our series of Pineapple Flight classes, also known as Aerial Yoga. This class, in a non-heated room, was designed for all levels. Rest assured that our aerial silks have been tested to accommodate up to 1,000 pounds (not that they need to). Register early for these classes as they fill quickly!

Aerial Yoga offers a multitude of benefits to the body. Providing the opportunity for deeper stretches, longer inversions as well as an amazing way to attempt and practice hand stands, our Pineapple Flight classes have become one of our most popular yoga programs. Aerial yoga provides so many benefits to the body including (but not limited to) detoxification, improved flexibility, stress relief, back pressure relief, anti-aging and improved focus and memory.

Pineapple Flight: Deepen your Yoga practice in a playful way while you use the hanging aerial silks. Traditional yoga poses take on a different vibe with the use of Silks and allow you to strengthen, tone, and energize - not to mention, invert and allow gravity to naturally decompress your spine. Give it a try, most likely you will become hooked on flying! All levels welcome. Bring mat and water and no jewelry please.

Chill Flight: This evening class combines four wonderful elements into one deeply relaxing class that will have you slipping into your evening slumber feeling dreamy and calm. Using aerial silks, candlelight, yoga and meditation will almost guarantee one of the best sleeps you've ever had and who couldn't use that? All levels Welcome. Practiced in room temperature. Bring mat and water and no jewelry please.

The Pineapple Life Barre method is a unique and complete body workout. Our signature barre class utilizes traditional ballet barre exercises, classical Pilates, along with cardio and weight training segments that seamlessly flow together to create a high-energy or low-to-no impact workout (whatever YOU decide). The Pineapple Life Barre method is entirely based around stability of the “core” or “center” of the body and balanced joint mobility.

Our instructors have varying degrees of expertise (some have a more heavily focused Pilates background, some have more aerobic/cardio expertise) as well as different music tastes so you are bound to find a class that has exactly what you are looking for and a beat that is just right for you!

Our Barre room accommodates a class of 10 boasting wall to ceiling mirrors and barres on both sides of the room. For added benefits we've also included a Living Wall with beautiful year-round oxygen producing plants and 2 panels of Himalayan Salt bricks adding both the health benefit of removing the positive ions in the room…and the feeling of a barre disco party with the colorful cycling back-lights when the barre room lights are turned down.

Barre: This hour of fun will mix elements of Pilates based moves, yoga, dance and functional athletic training all choreographed to an epic Pineapple Life Soundtrack. You will leave feeling taller and more energized. All Levels Welcome!

KettleBooty: Join us for 45 minutes of high energy, functional training with Kettlebells and small weights. This is all perfectly choreographed to an epic ever changing Pineapple Life Soundtrack. This workout will fly by as you strengthen and tone your backside, legs, arms and core. All Levels Welcome.

Core: Pineapple Core is a blend of classical Pilates exercise and classical ballet barre exercises performed on a mat. This class is designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body. Pineapple Core exercises are gentle, progressive and performed slowly with good postural alignment at all times; challenging enough for the super-fit, but gentle enough for pregnant women and the mature. Pineapple Core is an exceptional cross-training tool. Golfers, tennis players, skiers/snowboarders, swimmers and runners all benefit.


Childcare Drop In $15 per child of guest or member non-childcare package holder


5 Class card package - $110 * 15 Class card package - $300 * 25 Class card package - $450

Class Card package terms: For use with Classes ONLY (No Workshops/Events/Sauna/Childcare) - Member discounts Do Not Qualify *All packages have a 6mo. expiration

Class Card Packages

SAUNA DROP IN: Member $20 * Guest $25

SAUNA PUNCH-CARD: Member (6 for $100) * Guest (5 for $100)



Sauna Packages & Pricing

Monthly Unlimited Membership -

No Childcare - $150

This Membership gives you access to all of our Yoga, Barre & Mindfulness Classes as well as most of our amenities. This package price is included ONLY with AUTO PAY. No contract required. Requested 30 day cancellation notice. 15% discount on Boutique, Workshops/Events & Retreats. Sauna & Childcare packages can be purchased separately.

Monthly Unlimited Membership -

With Childcare - $180

This Membership gives you access to All of our Yoga, Barre & Mindfulness Classes as well as most of our Amenities, while also providing Childcare! This package Price is included ONLY with Auto Pay. No Contract Required. Requested 30 Day Cancellation Notice. 15% Discount on Boutique, Workshops/Events & Retreats. Sauna Package can be purchased separately.

Monthly Unlimited Membership - Special 7

With Childcare - $115

We have a special Monthly Unlimited Membership pricing available for affiliation with the following “Special 7” (Nurse, Fire, Police, Military, Seniors [65+], School Staff & Students). Please come visit us in the studio with proof of your affiliation and we’ll get you set up!

This Membership gives you access to all of our Yoga, Barre & Mindfulness classes as well as most of our amenities AND complimentary childcare. This package price is included only with AUTO PAY. No contract required. Requested 30 day cancellation notice. 15% discount on Boutique, Workshops/Events & Retreats. Sauna packages can be purchased separately.

**This package can only be purchased in studio. proof of affiliation required**

Kids Yoga

Kids Drop In $15 * Kids 5 Class Card $60 * Kids 10 Class Card $100 * All Packages 6mo. Expiration

Children are our greatest hope for bettering our world. The benefits of them finding yoga early in life are tremendous and include body awareness, skills for managing stress through breathing techniques and healthy movement, deepening focus, concentration and balance. Kids classes will vary by age but will include basic postures, breathing techniques incorporated in fun, silly ways and an introduction to “unplugging”. Ages 3-8

Petite Drop In $20 * Petite 10 Class Card $120 * Petite 20 Class Card $200 * All Packages 6mo. Expiration

Awesome Aerial Tween/Teen (Ages 9-15):  Designed especially for our Pineapple Life Teen/Tween fitness fans. This epic class will help provide enhanced concentration, flexibility and body awareness as your child floats through the air on a specially designed silk yoga hammock led by our Aerial Yoga Team to an upbeat fun soundtrack. 45 minutes will fly by. Literally! No Jewelry Please.

Pineapple Life Beautiful Barre Tween/Teen (Ages 9-15):  Class is choreographed especially for our young tween/teen members. This class is for all levels and combines the fun elements of dance, yoga and cardio sculpting to improve form, flexibility and strength. This class is an excellent opportunity to cross-train for sports, dance, cheerleading and gymnastics. The Pineapple Life Barre team will emphasize form, alignment and injury prevention in a FUN environment set to a poppin loud dance beat!

Youthful Yoga Teen/Tween (Ages 9-15):  Created especially for our Tween/Teen program - practice breathing techniques to calm, energize and balance. This class will help build endurance and strength while also promoting balance and relaxation - all set in a welcoming, fun Pineapple environment!

Petite Pineapple Package

Single Session $160 * 3 Sessions $450 * 5 Sessions $750 * Monthly Option $140/mo - 3mo. Commitment * 60min Sessions

Pineapple Private Instruction Package: Enjoy a Private session with the instructor of your choice. Your First session is 90 minutes which includes a complimentary 30 minute consultation.

Pineapple Private Instruction Monthly Option: Our monthly subscription is for 1 private instruction session a month, billed monthly at $140 (minimum 3 month commitment)

Private Group Event: We love private events! Whether you’re looking to celebrate your 11 year-old’s birthday with her buddies, planning a corporate event to get a special group of people together, or a team retreat to create some bonding…you name it and we can pull it off for you. We love hosting groups in our beautiful space and creating one-of-a-kind experiences. Call us or come into the studio (or send an email with as many details as possible) and we’ll help you get it scheduled and planned.

Corporate Wellness:

Private Instruction

This Membership gives you access to All of our Yoga, Barre & Mindfulness Classes as well as most of our Amenities.  15% Discount on Boutique, Workshops/Events & Retreats.  Sauna & Childcare packages can be purchased separately.

Cost breakdown per month is $135, this is a $15 per month savings or $180 annual savings

Annual Unlimited Membership -

No Childcare -


This Membership gives you access to All of our Yoga, Barre & Mindfulness Classes as well as most of our Amenities.  15% Discount on Boutique, Workshops/Events & Retreats.  Sauna packages can be purchased separately.

Cost breakdown per month is $158, this is a $22 per month savings or $260 annual savings

Annual Unlimited Membership -

With Childcare -