Our Story

Peace . Love . Pineapples

Welcome to Pineapple Life Yoga . Barre . Boutique, where everyone is welcome!

Located on Center Boulevard in beautiful Snoqualmie, Washington, Opened in the summer of 2018, our beautiful space is dedicated to giving our members and guests a 5-star hotel spa-like experience helping to improve lives both physically and mentally through our classes, workshop offerings, retail and amenities.

After spending decades in the corporate world of financial management we decided to embark on a journey of wholistic wellness through yoga, mindfulness, barre, salt and infrared therapy. The belief that giving selflessly results in a myriad of physical and spiritual rewards has fueled our passion to spread the value of community over competition. We believe that by creating a world class facility in which EVERYONE is welcome, NO ONE is judged and ALL are empowered, we can begin to change the way we live to be more fulfilling and soul satisfying. By coming together in our mutual pursuit of happiness we are stronger and are able to soar to heights that solo we could not.

We see the light in each and every one of you. Namaste.