Pineapple Life Yoga

Yoga: a way to honor your true nature and divine self. Every time we practice yoga, we feel a vibrational internal shift and become more in tune with our utmost potential. At the heart of how we try to live life, yoga is about the journey and never the destination. It is personal, never competitive. It is about finding your center, your breath and an energy within…not to mention a super sweaty, killer workout.

Creating a beautiful, sacred space for our yoga fans was at the heart of our dreams for Pineapple Life. Here are some details on our yoga room.


PEM Flooring

From top to bottom, our yoga studio is a yogi's dream come true. Our PEM (poly extruded matting) is specifically designed to withstand heat, moisture and humidity and provides shock absorbing cushion for less stress on the body. Used and recommended by some of the most famous yoga studios around the world, PEM yoga flooring (which sort of resembles Top Ramen before you cook it!) is an environmental enhancement solution that is clean, safe and hypo-allergenic.

Salt Wall.PNG

Himalayan Salt Wall

Featuring beautifully illuminated, hand carved salt bricks, our gorgeous, signature Himalayan Salt Wall is not only pretty to look at, it is composed of ancient minerals and nutrients and absorbs water and particles from the air taking positive ions (the bad ones) with it. When heated, the salt releases cleansed vapor back into the air with negative ions (the good ones). It can be compared to the way in which the beach cleanses the ocean. The negative ions greatly increase cellular activity, clearing our lungs and promoting tremendously improved respiratory health. It is also high in minerals and iron and has been seen to relieve allergies, asthma symptoms, congestion and inflammation. It improves immune, cardiovascular and endocrine systems, promotes weight loss, detoxification and balanced hormones.

Infrared Heat Yoga Room.PNG

Infrared Heating

Infrared heat is comparable to the warmth from the sun. It heats radiantly and is environmentally friendly. Infrared heat provides natural detoxification by removing heavy metals, toxins and pollutants from the air. It also increases number of calories burned during a yoga session (even if you just lay on your mat), increases metabolism, cleanses skin all while reducing fatigue, stress and anxiety. In an infrared heated yoga session, your muscles will warm up faster allowing you deeper stretches and flexibility, decreased joint stiffness and an improved digestion and immune system. You'll see our turquoise infrared panels on the ceiling of the yoga room - pick a spot under one for a hotter experience (and not under one for a less hot experience).