Barre - The Pineapple Life Method

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The Pineapple Life Barre method is a unique and complete body workout. Our signature barre class utilizes traditional ballet barre exercises, classical Pilates, along with cardio and weight training segments that seamlessly flow together to create a high-energy or low-to-no impact workout (whatever YOU decide). The Pineapple Life Barre method is entirely based around stability of the “core” or “center” of the body and balanced joint mobility.

Our instructors have varying degrees of expertise (some have a more heavily focused Pilates background, some have more aerobic/cardio expertise) as well as different music tastes so you are bound to find a class that has exactly what you are looking for and a beat that is just right for you!

 Our Barre room accommodates a class of 10 boasting wall to ceiling mirrors and barres on both sides of the room. For added benefits we've also included a Living Wall with beautiful year-round oxygen producing plants and 2 panels of Himalayan Salt bricks adding both the health benefit of removing the positive ions in the room…and the feeling of a barre disco party with the colorful cycling backlights when the barre room lights are turned down.

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